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In April of 1969 Bill Conner was making and selling all kinds of fine handmade leathergoods. In the beginning, sandals were his most popular item but it wasn't long until his original hats became his most sought after product. Today his original design and construction method is world renowned and the quality of a B.C leather hat is still unsurpassed.
With the creation of B.C Leather Hats, Australia's hat industry was revolutionized. Suddenly there was a choice on the market for a new type of functional headwear besides the traditional Fur Felt.
In 1988 when Australia hosted the World Expo, B.C. Hats became internationally recognized. And later, in 1993, Bill won the prestigious Exporter of the Year Award for the State of New South Wales. He received this coveted award in recognition for not only creating Australia's original leather hat but successfully bringing it to the world market. Today, B.C. Hats is still a family owned company dedicated to quality, service, and original Australian hats!

As of now, One More Hat is specializing in BCHats and Cov-ver Hats.  BC hats are made to be first rate in quality.
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Bac Pac Traveler Smooth Leather Hat
Fine Crocheted Raffia Hat with Scallop Design Kidz Lidz Hats
Bushwalker Smooth Leather Hat Bushwalker Smooth Leather Hat Bac Pac Traveler Rough-Out Leather Hat
Town and Country Straw Hat Double Mesh Safari Hat

Hat Tips

  • Rough Out (Suede Finish) leather may be cleaned with a stiff brush or fine sand paper.
  • Smooth (full grain, nubuck, wax/oily, or distressed finish) leather may be periodically treated with leather dressing or saddle soap.
  • Canvas hats can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Straw hats can be kept clean and fresh looking by brushing with a small wisk broom. If the hat gets wet, wipe off surplus water with a dry cloth. With the brim turned up, place on a level, clean surface, to dry. Do not use artificial heat.
  • All hats may also be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary.
  • Some shrinkage may occur if exposed to extreme heat e.g. drying out by an open fire or left exposed to strong sunlight in a closed vehicle.
  • The stiffening along the edge of the brim allows the hat to be shaped as desired. Some hats come with a flexible filament in the brim to allow the hat to be crushed.
  • A chin strap may be added by using the eyelet holes on each side of the crown to thread the strap.
  • Each hat will develop its own individual shape and character with wear.
  • Any scratches or marks on leather are not to be considered flaws. They occur naturally and are merely proof of its authenticity.
Approximate Hat Sizes
X SMALL6 5/85320 3/4
SMALL6 3/4
6 7/8
21 1/8
21 1/2
7 1/8
21 7/8
22 1/4
LARGE7 1/4
7 3/8
22 5/8
X LARGE7 1/2
7 5/8
23 1/2
23 7/8
7 7/8
24 1/4
24 5/8


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